Tips for hiring a Carpet Cleaner

Tips for hiring a Carpet Cleaner

Before hiring a carpet cleaning service Greenfield Commercial Cleaning would advise you to follow these simple steps:

• Check  out  the company before hiring their services,  this can be done by going to their website and check recommendations and reviews from their previous customers.
• Ask what machines and methods they use. i.e steam cleaning, wet extraction.
• Ask how many years experience they have within the industry.
• Don’t be drawn into Unbelievably Low Price, this is sometimes used as the bait for misleading advertising.
• Get a few quotes to compare prices, be careful cheapest is not always best.
• Guarantee a price before the company start the cleaning.
• Prepare your house for the cleaners come this could reduce the time the cleaners spend at your house. Move furniture, small and breakable items from the cleaning area.
• Vacuum the carpet before the cleaners arrive.
• Point out any areas that need special attention i.e. areas with spills, stains and high traffic areas.
• Don’t try and hide problem areas to save money, tackle the problem straight if the cleaners are trustworthy they will help you fix the problem at minimum cost.
• Ask the carpet cleaner if they offer a complete money-back guarantee. In our view, every carpet cleaning company should be fully accountable for their work.


Overall get a general feel for the company and don't be scared of asking questions. Put all these together and choose your carpet cleaner.  


Good luck
Greenfield Commercial Cleaning