Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Greenfield Cleaning


Greenfield Commercial Cleaning recognises its responsibility in terms of its short and long term effects on the environmental whilst maintaining cleaner, greener environments in both the commercial and domestic sectors. 


Whilst the company already adheres to current legislation and welcomes any new measures put in place, it strives to be ahead of the game in terms of managing and reducing its environmental impact in all its divisions and sectors.  Where legislation doesn’t exist will set our own standards incorporating best practice and using innovation to develop leading practices.


Greenfield has developed this policy to further reduce its environmental impact by contributing both time and effort into monitoring, managing and promoting its achievements when it comes to environmental performance.  We aim as a business to get it right first time which minimises chemical usage and return visits. 

We have a strong commitment to reducing our environmental impact year on year and base our ethos on reduction, re-use and recycle. 

Our Environmental Improvement plan is based on the key businesses areas:



  • Improve energy efficiency by reducing consumption.

  • Minimise environmental impacts associated with waste, noise, effluent and emissions to the atmosphere.

  • Increase the value recovered from waste before its responsible disposal.

  • Reduce and eliminate pollutant products to the environment.



  • Work in partnership with environmental responsible employers to minimise the use of resources and pollution with products and operations.



  • Increase the environmental awareness of employees and relevant skills of everyone who works with Greenfield Commercial Cleaning.

  • Develop a robust training schedule to minimise cleaning and material impacts

  • Research/develop innovative ways of environmental cleaning



  • Improve energy efficiency and office recycling schemes

  • Reduce the impacts associated with business travel


The Board are responsible for reviewing the policies and procedure that have a direct impact on the business and environments that we maintain.