Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Carpet Cleaning FAQs


Do you clean both commercial and domestic carpets?

Yes we undertake both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning, no job is too big or small, we have experince of tackling every type of job.


How does your system work?

Greenfield Cleaning carpet cleaners use modern hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines, (sometimes called steam carpet cleaning).


We pre-condition the soiled surface first which breaks down the dirt. Then, along with hot water, the carpet cleaning machine evenly distributes the cleaning solution via a fine spray onto the carpet surface.  We have different machines that can tackle every type of area check out  our videos and pictures to get an idea of our capacity. Both our sytems lift the dirt and detergent after agitation has taken place.  The dirty water and residue is immediately and powerfully extracted by a strong vacuum, all in the one quick process.


Do all stains come out of the carpets?

The hot water extraction method (or steam method as it is sometimes called) is the best method for removing stains, ground in dirt and odours. Even tough to remove stains like wine, chocolate, mud or remains of pet deposits may be removed. If you have any splashed paint, nail varnish or similar, these may not come out. Our carpet cleaner will give you advice before any work is started.


Do you require us to clean the carpet before you arrive?

Yes, you should vacuum the carpet in time for our arrival as this will aid the clean.


Should we move anything out of the room ready for the carpets to be cleaned?

Yes, any heavy furniture such as sofas, chairs, large cabinets, dining room tables and large heavy beds should be moved so we can clean the carpets more thoroughly. You can leave these items in place if you prefer, but the carpet cleaner will only clean around the items left in rooms. We will move small items of furniture around though, such as lamp stands and small coffee tables.


How long will it take for our carpets to dry?

Your carpets are cleaned right down to their base but because most of the water is then quickly extracted your carpets are left around 80% dry. Depending on factors such as the time of year, ventilation and heat in the property, carpets will usually take between 2 to 5 hours to completely dry.


We usually expect the to be clean with in a few hours and have extra fans to use where practical to speed the process up.


Do you clean staircases?

We clean staircases, hallways, bedrooms, and more. In fact wherever you have a carpet or a rug we can clean it!


What do you need access to?

We will need a power supply and a hot water tap to fill our carpet cleaner.

For more information on carpet cleaning and a free quote, please contact us


Once you have booked a day and time for your carpets cleaning, visit our advice on preparing for your carpet cleaning.